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Welcome to Dentakeeping

Giving Dentists Peace of Mind

Who is Dentakeeping?

Created by a dentist with MBA, Dentakeeping is a professional bookkeeping company for dental offices Nationwide. We redefine process to protect dentists from fraud and provide accurate up to date business reports and metrics.

Why do I need Dentakeeping?


By switching your bookkeeping to Dentakeeping, your staff is given the valuable time to excel in customer service skills and patient care. This increase time savings will facilitate increase in treatment case acceptance, collections, and positive patient experiences.


You as a dentist need more time whether for growing your practice or enjoying your time away. We implement and monitor an added level of staff accountability, so you don’t have to, regaining your peace of mind!

What does
Dentakeeping do?

We put systems in place so you can begin to outsource posting of insurance EOBS, patient mailed checks, end of day balancing, and accounts payable (bill pay and reconciliations). We monitor aging claims, patient adjustments, audit trails, process reports, accounting entries, and all the business side of tasks that can take up so much of your time and energy. We help you reclaim control of your time and office.

How much
will it cost?

Dentakeeping pricing averages out to pennies on the dollar compared to staff salaries required to complete these same tasks in office.


Call us for a free telephone consultation or visit our website to learn how your practice can benefit from our programs.

Who better to take care of your bookkeeping than someone who knows your business and your dental software?

*Dentakeeping, LLC has clients all over the USA and is able to work with any computerized dental office.