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Dental School does not teach the business skills necessary to run a dental practice. Many dentists rely on staff who have no business or accounting training to take care of the business bookkeeping. This endangers the dentists to:

  1. Fraud- Having a staff member take care of the business books can put the business at risk for embezzlement.
  2. Insurance Posting Errors-Many staff members have not been trained on the correct method to post insurance claims. This can result in loss income or possibility of insurance fraud.
  3. Inaccurate Business Reports- If staff are not balancing end of day reports correctly nor reconciling to accounting software the business numbers may be inaccurate causing issues with tax payments and impact major business decisions.

Dr. Schaeferle realized as a dentist there is not enough time to perform these duties herself and perform dentistry.  After consulting in many dental offices, she realized that the lack of business knowledge from both the dentists and the staff members were making huge negative effects on the industry. Dr. Schaeferle then spent years in business school and becoming an expert on fraud, bookkeeping and dental insurance. Dentakeeping was developed in 2009 and has expanded Nationwide allowing dentists to have peace of mind with their dental office bookkeeping.



Dr. Tammi Schaeferle obtaining her BS in Biology from the University of Toledo in 1994. Tammi became a Buckeye at the Ohio State College of Dentistry, where she completed her DDS in 1998. Upon graduation, Tammi furthered her dental education by completing an AEGD residency at the U.S. Naval Base in Great Lakes, Illinois. She continued practicing dentistry for three years at the Naval Station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. She met her husband, dentist Dr. Matt Schaeferle, in Hawaii as well. The family moved to Columbus in 2002, they now reside in Centerburg, Ohio with their two daughters Kylie and Katlyn. True to their calling, Tammi and her husband have owned over 7 dental practices over the last 15 years. They currently have 3 offices with associates in Ohio.

Dr. Schaeferle has always had a passion for business management in dental offices. She pursued her MBA and focused on the business operations of dental offices. During this period of time, she realized many offices did not have protocols in place for preventing embezzlement in the office. She gained her CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) certificate and is a recognized as an expert in dental software audits and QuickBooks. She has performed hundreds of audits for insurance companies, state dental boards, attorneys, CPA’s and individual dental offices.

Dr. Schaeferle has earned the following qualifications:

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  • BS Biology
  • DDS- Ohio State University 1998
  • Fellow Academy General Dentistry FAGD
  • MBA- Masters in Business Administration
  • CFE-Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Certified in QuickBooks Software
  • Certified HIPAA Officer
  • Certified Professional Bookkeeper, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Certificate in Fraud and Embezzlement, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Certificate in Adjusting Entries, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Certificate in Depreciation, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Certificate in Payroll, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Certificate in Inventory, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Proficient in Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Curve, Dentrix Assend, DOX, Dolphin, Open Dental, Easy Dental

Why hire Dentakeeping as your professional bookkeepers?


We save you time and money while alleviating much of your stress.


We make it difficult for employees to embezzle your hard-earned money.


You no longer need to worry about preparing for tax season, scrambling to find receipts, or reporting to your CPA.


One fewer staff member in the office means fewer paid vacation days and fewer benefits and taxes to pay out allowing you to reduce expensive overhead.


We can assist you with your dental software to ensure that it best meets the needs of your growing practice.


All services are confidential.


We are reliable.


We provide accurate numbers so you can make logical business decisions.

We speak your language; we know dental software and dental equipment as well as the dental procedures you conduct. Therefore, you can speak with us knowing that we know dentistry.

We take care of your business so you can get down to business!