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What we offer

Dr. Tammi Schaeferle meets with each new client to explain how we can improve your dental office’s bookkeeping system. She evaluates your existing protocols and procedures and provides you with clear recommendations about what could be putting you at risk for embezzlement.


We then set up meetings with the other professionals you use in the course of running your business (e.g., CPAs, accountants, financial advisors, dental consultants) in order to develop protocols for the reports they require and when and how often they need this information. We also ensure that all of your professional consultants are supplied with accurate, on-time reports.

During visits to your office, we create a detailed flow chart in order to train your employees on all necessary reports that we need each day, week, month, and quarter. You also receive a DentaKeeping file cabinet with all the information necessary to organize our materials and provide accurate reporting.

Once your staff is fully trained and operational:

1. To monitor your patient payments (cash, check, and credit cards)


We set the office up with “for deposit only” endorsement stamps.


We discard any signature stamps.


We review all payments set up to go directly into your business bank account (e.g., credit card payments, care-credit, and direct reimbursement of insurance checks) in order to guarantee that you receive your payments.


We create a log sheet for your petty cash and maintain a daily balance sheet for end-of-day reports.

2. To review your reports on daily, weekly, and monthly time schedules


We create passwords for your employees on your dental software designed to create accurate audit reports.


We retain monthly A/R report records to evaluate for discrepancies.


We carefully check day sheets, deposits, adjustments, credits, credit card transactions, petty cash logs, and audits on a daily basis.

3. To implement a system to prevent insurance fraud:


We have your insurance EOBs mailed to us on a weekly basis and enter them into your dental software as well as make the necessary deposits to your bank. This keeps your office safe from potential insurance embezzlement and prevents your employees from writing off patient balances.


We run outstanding insurance reports each month to ensure that all EOBs have been entered and no claims were deleted from the dental software.

4. Business books are maintained with complete accuracy. All vendors are paid on time and coded to the correct category with invoices and receipts attached to each statement. To accomplish this


We reconcile each of your bank statements, ensuring that all automatic withdrawals have receipts. We also check day sheets and deposits to ensure that they match your bank statements.


We pay all of your vendors (bills) for you and ensure that all are legitimate statements, with correct charges, prior to sending payment. Payments are always made on time and coded correctly so that your office can maintain accurate and detailed expenditure records for optimum tax benefits.


We create a system so that every lab invoice matches your lab bill in order to ensure that you are not being charged twice for any procedure.


We develop a system to track dental supply invoices and ensure that each is matched to your dental supply statement. We do this in order to ensure that you are not being billed for supplies that you never receive. We also carefully examine these invoices to verify that all purchased dental equipment is correctly recorded for your CPA and tax purposes. We also check that dental repairs are not debited to your dental supplies, thereby ensuring an accurate percentage for the year.


We match receipts with company credit cards.


We create a “shoe box” for your dentist receipts, which are collected on a monthly basis and carefully organized and recorded.


We review outside financing company statements (care-credit) with bank statements to ensure accuracy.


We send you monthly reports that include all information that may need your attention.


You can tie your dental software to your bank account (QuickBooks) so you can monitor all information at any time.

5. Additional services available (if desired)


We can help new dentists and new offices get started on the right foot.


We can attend meetings with you and your CPA/accountant.


We can help train new front desk staff (additional hourly fee).


We can set up your office systems and create a customized Standard Operating Manaul (additional fee).

*Customization of services is available to accommodate your particular office’s needs.


June 30, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a privilege to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dentakeeping LLC.

Merion Village Dental has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tammi Schaeferle and her company for over a year. She and her company now process all of our daily account postings, bank deposits, and are currently effectively reducing our Accounts Receivable.

Dr. Tammi has a solid reputation as skilled clinician, but more importantly she understands our business as only a dentist in practice does.

Our business experience with Dr. Tammi and Dentakeeping has been beyond satisfactory. It has been exceptional. Their customer service is exemplary and immediate. She and her staff are highly professional, and their attention to detail is nothing short of excellent.

The “outsourcing” of posting patient and insurance checks and making daily bank deposits in our industry is a unique concept that for us has proven to be more efficient and economical than keeping it in-house.

It is without reservation or hesitation that we endorse the services of Dentakeeping, and we are confident our partnership will continue well into the future.


Dr. Harvey R. Vesha

Merion Village Dental-Columbus Ohio

At The Paragon Program, we recommend and endorse Dr. Tammi Schaeferle and Dentakeeping for all of our clients. I think that Tammi and her team understand the audit process as well as anyone out there. Moreover, they can put the audit controls in place to protect any doctor. They are reasonable, practical and nice people.

Feel free to contact me about “real life successes” that our clients have had with them.

The Paragon Program™
Ken Runkle, President

CEO Paragon Program-Columbus Ohio

October 10, 2012

Dr. Tammi Schaeferle has worked with many of our clients to help protect them against
embezzlement. They appreciate that she is flexible in offering the specific services they need,
without charging them for services they don’t. Tammi’s extensive personal experience in the
dental industry saves our clients unnecessary time explaining their practice to a consultant that
can’t assist with their distinct needs.

As a client of our firm for the past several years, we have seen firsthand Dr. Schaeferle’s
dedication to practice management. With personal experience in purchasing, managing and
selling practices, Tammi can assist in almost any situation and will tailor her services to the
individual needs of her clients. I would highly recommend her to any dentist needing assistance
with payments, software reports, insurance claims and overall fraud prevention.

Jim Boltz, President

CEO Zimmerman and Boltz CPA

We can provide you with numerous Dentakeeping Clients contact information so you can see how we assist and provide services to their businesses.